Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Apple Crumble

Summary of Ingredients:
3 Granny Smith Apples
Ground Ginger Snaps and Digestives Biscuits
Walnuts, Peacan Nuts and Macademia Nuts
Brown Sugar
Vanilla Ice Cream
Pie Tray

1) I would have preferred the apple slices to have more syrupy texture; this batch was too dry. The stewing the apple slices, a bit of hot water could have been added to dilute it.

2) Amount of butter used isn't specified; I used half a block in preparing 2 Apple Crumbles.

3) If the "biscuit paste" doesn't come together well enough, just put more butter or olive oil.

4) When pressing the base onto the pie tray, make sure it's compact. It may break up a little bit (press it back in if it does) but if it breaks up too much it's probably because there was not enough butter. Throw it back into the bowl and rub a bit more butter in.

5) When base is baked, it won't come out hard - it only hardens when it cools down.

Special THANKS to Debbie for prior demonstration and postmortem!

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