Monday, December 12, 2005

mushroom pasta

summary of ingredients

1) white button mushrooms and / or portobello mushrooms
2) bacon
3) milk
4) campbell soup
5) spaghetti

1) garlic
2) mixed herbs
3) salt
4) pepper

archieving desired thickness of mushroom sauce can be calibrated with
a) milk to make the sauce creamier
b) "pasta water" (retain a cup before draining the water that the pasta was boiled in) to thin the sauce.


bigshoulders said...

nice visual approach to your recipe. loved the images, it caused me to stop and read your post. (i was blog hopping at the time.) keep it up!


Luther said...

Hey Cuz,
Just saw your new blog site, I must say I'm very impressed and it looks great! Keep up the good work, pls do me a favour can you have some traditional chinese/malaysian type of food, your cousin here is having serious withdrawal symptoms here in London!!! Good stuff baby cuz!