Tuesday, December 27, 2005

chicken broth

summary of ingredients:
1) chicken
2) chinese cabbage
3) carrots
4) onions
5) noodles (optional)

1) light soya sauce (1 table spoon)
2) chinese wine (1 teaspoon)
3) pepper
4) chicken stock (1 cube)
5) sesame oil (1 teaspoon)
6) oil (2 teaspoons)

onions take longer to cook, that is why onions should be fried before chicken chunks is introduced.

chicken chunks do not need to be thoroughly cooked when stir-frying. sauteeing the chicken "seals" the chicken with a cooked coating that seals in the "juiciness" and flavor of the chicken chunks.

it is the chicken bones that gives the broth its richness. so be sure to include some.

dissolve a cube of chicken stock when pouring in boiled water, before slow cooking.

slow cooking is not cooking slowly.

slow cooking is a method of cooking over a prolonged period of time in low heat.
be sure to select the slow cooking function on the mircowave if utilising the microwave and not the slow cooker.

serving with noodles provides the carbohyrates to a complete meal, an alternative to noodles is serving with rice.

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